What is OWB Frogy?

  • for outside the waistband concealed carry
  • unique construction
  • integrated pressure feature
    • for better weapon concealment
    • for comfortable wearing
    • filling the space under the belt
      (more stable position on the belt)
  • faster application to the belt and removal from the belt thanks to our speedloops
  • hand polished edges
  • vacuum-pressed in special molds of our own production
  • the weapon is not holstered in parallel to the axis of the holster
    • the grip is pointing to the body
      (better concealment and drawing out)
  • 2,5mm thick kydex and ribbing
    • higher durability and stiffness
  • grip adjustment
  • adjustment of inclination
  • holds a weapon with a collimator or an extended barrel/thread

Frogy outside the waistband kydex holsters are designed for concealed carrying of the weapon under clothing and are designed to take up as little space on the waistband, while hiding the weapon even better and ensuring comfortable wearing. Hand cut edges for maximum comfort.  The shape of the holster is very precisely pressed into the kydex using special molds of our own production. The whole holster is made of one piece of 2.5 mm thick kydex in one color. Each Frogy holster has an adjustable grip using set screws and an adjustable inclination by moving the loop up or down.

The open design of the holster ensures comfortable cleaning and offers the possibility of carrying a weapon with an extended barrel /thread, compensator, etc. In addition, they are all ready for use with a collimator.

Inclination and configuration:

Each Frogy holster allows you to adjust the inclination 0°, forward or backward. You can move the front clip of the speedloops (move it to other pre-drilled holes) and this will tilt the grip forward or backward.

The weapon is not holstered in parallel to the axis of the holster:

In contrast to standard OWB holsters, the weapon in the Frog holster is turned with the grip towards the body. Thanks to this, the weapon fits better and is even better concealed.

Ribbed holster:

Not only do we make Frogy of 2.5 mm thick kydex, but also the holsters are ribbed, which makes these holsters stiffer and more durable than other models.

Adjustable grip:

Frogy OWB holsters have an automatic adjustment of the grip with a screw, when you control the grip of the weapon yourself, even regarding a weapon with a light.

Special pressure feature:

It fills the space under the belt and also rests on the thigh, pushing everything above the belt towards the body. The weapon is as close to the body as possible.

Belt attachment using speedloops:

Quick-fit steel loops. You put the holster straight on the belt without threading. It is necessary to have a belt that is a little loose and flexible. The loops hold a maximum of 7 mm thick belt. We recommend having loops as wide as your belts (if you have a 38-40 mm belt, choose 40 mm loops - this is the majority of the most modern-day belts). You can choose from sizes 40, 45 and 50 mm.


Back raised side of the holster, which separates your weapon from your body. Protects against sweat and slipping clothes into the holster when storing the weapon. We only supply Frogy holsters with a half sweatguard, which is best for concealed wear regarding outside the waistband holsters.


You can easily insert a shorter G26 or a longer G17 into the Glock G19 holster, which will protrude from the holster. However, if you own, for example, a Glock 19 with a thread, the holster for the Glock 17 will protect not only your weapon, but also the thread - everything is so well-hidden.

Most popular models available so far:

  • Glock:
    • G17 (possible to use with G34,…) - both right and left
    • G17 + TLR7 (possible to use with G34,…) - both right and left
    • G17 + TLR1 (possible to use with G34,…) - right
    • G17 + GL19R (possible to use with G34,…) - right
    • G19 (possible to use with G17,…) - both right and left
    • G19 + TLR7 (possible to use with G17,…) - both right and left
    • G19 + TLR1 (possible to use with G17,…) - right
    • G19 + GL19R (possible to use with G17,…) - right
    • G43 / G43X / G43X rail (possible to use with G48 / G48 rail) - right
  • CZUB:
    • CZ P-10C / P-10S (possible to use with P-10F) - right
    • CZ 75D Compact (CZ 75 P-01) - right
  • Walther:
    • PDP 4" (possible to use with 4,5" / 5") - right
  • HS Produkt:
    • H11 - right

We will stock other models and holsters for left-handers.

For shorter weapons of the Glock G43 type, the length of the holster is longer to maintain the functionality of the elements for better and more comfortable concealed carry.


The color swatch is only indicative. Depending on the monitor settings, the displayed colors may not be accurate.


Should you have any questions, or would like advice when choosing the holster, do not hesitate to contact us.