What is an OWB sport holster?

  • suitable for IPSC
  • adjustable grip
  • easily accessible
  • attachment to sports belts
  • possibility of a cut-out for better drawing
  • match the holster with your jersey

This category of kydex holsters is dedicated to IPSC sport shooting. The holsters are designed so that the weapon holds firmly in the holster and at the same time, with individual adjustment of the grip, offered an ideal resistance during drawing of the weapon.

A big advantage is the possibility of custom production for any weapon and magazines in any color offered. This is the only way you will have a unique sports set and stand out from commercial holsters.

Where and how it is worn:

It is most often worn on a reinforced shooting belt with a hard core. They are placed further away from the body and lower on the belt, which allows for a more comfortable and faster drawing, when you do not have to change the position of the body.

If you are just starting out or you are already an advanced sports shooter, it doesn't matter. Thanks to the fact that these kydex holsters exactly copy the shapes of your weapon and are tailor-made for it, the weapon will fit you perfectly. These holsters are increasingly visible with our successful Czech competitors in the IPSC.

Type of belt attachment:

We mount Blade-Tech Tek-Lok to sports holsters, or a fully adjustable mounting system developed by us, which will satisfy even the most demanding shooters.

RHH IPSC mount

A new type of fastening of the sports holster on the belt, suitable especially for sports belts of DAA, CR-Speed type etc.

Fully adjustable system of attachment with the possibility of continuous adjustment of the inclination of the holster forwards and backwards, moving away from the body or to the body and with the possibility of adjusting the height of the holster from the belt.

We offer the mount in three colors - black, blue and purple. It perfectly matches our sports magazine holders.

In addition, it can be used in combination with Blade-Tech Tek-Lok and fastened to almost any belt.

Blade-Tech Tek-Lok

Universal and popular fastening system. It has click-out plates with which you can choose the width of the belt. In the closed state, we recommend that Tek-Lok is always secured by a safety.

Magazine holsters

In order to be able to supply the entire set for IPSC sport shooting, it is also possible to have MAGAZINE HOLSTERS made. They have an adjustable inclination and an adjustable grip.

The perfection of the entire shooting set just lacks a magnet, which serves as a magazine holder, for example, in a situation where you have to collect magazines from the table and quickly store one. Inserting it in the holster can be unfortunate and time consuming. That's why you quickly snap it to the magnet and shoot. The magnetic holder is placed on the magazine holster, in front of the magazines or backwards behind the magazines on your belt.


To keep each IPSC holster as small as possible and so one can easily pull the weapon out of it, all holsters are automatically sweatguard free.

Inclination and configuration:

With the attachment to the Blade-Tech Tek-Lok, the inclination of the holster must be selected at the very beginning of the order and remains unchanged. The typical most sold inclination is 0 degrees (perpendicular to the ground). Many shooters also choose a backward tilt, which makes the movement of the hand more natural and you do not break your wrist. The hand is moving with the elbow, up from the back to front and there is a perfect grip when pulling.

With the RHH IPSC mount , you can adjust the inclination in any direction according to your own preferences and change it at any time.

Inclination and configuration:

In combination with the height adjustment, you can continuously change the inclination in up to three axes while maintaining the height.

Side tilt and configuration:

By tightening the screws, you can continuously influence the tilt of the holster. We supply two sets of screws and washers for different distances of the holster from the body.

Height adjustment:

By screwing into different holes, you can choose the height of the holster to the belt for better drawing of the weapon.

Adjustable grip:

Each sports holster has two adjustable screws to adjust your holster individually. You can decide how much you want the holster to hold your sports special. The bolt at the trigger guard is primarily used to adjust the grip.

Available for:

Should you have any questions, or would like advice when choosing the holster, do not hesitate to contact us.