What is IWB Sharky?

  • for inside the waistband wear
  • unique construction
  • concealed carry
  • double clip for even more secure grip
  • easy adjustment of inclination and height
  • grip adjustment
  • holds a weapon with a collimator or an extended barrel
  • integrated claw
  • vacuum-pressed in special molds

Sharky inside waistband kydex holsters are designed for concealed carrying of the weapon under clothing and are designed to take up as little space in the pants as possible, while hiding the weapon even better. Hand cut holster edges for maximum comfort. The shape of the holster is very precisely pressed into the kydex using special molds. The whole holster is made of one piece of kydex in one color or motif. Each Sharky holster has an adjustable grip.

The open design of the holster ensures comfortable cleaning and offers the possibility of carrying a weapon with an extended barrel / thread, compensator, etc. In addition, they are all ready for use with a collimator. It is made of 2 mm wide, but strong, kydex.

Where and how it is worn:

The specialty of Sharky inside holsters is the unique construction, where when worn on the side, you achieve the best concealment with minimal emphasis on the weapon worn from the clothing. They can also be worn in the popular appendix carry (front of the abdomen), although there they do not achieve as a good result as the IWB holsters with a claw.

IWB Sharky holsters can be worn all year round. In summer, when they are best hidden under a T-shirt, they have no competition. In addition, they are universal in the model lines. Into a Glock G19 holster, you can easily insert a shorter G26 or a longer G17, which will protrude from the holster.

Types of belt attachment:

You have a choice of two clips for the inside holster. These are fastened with screws and bolts.


Innovative well-functioning steel clip with the possibility of adjusting the inclination of the holster forwards and backwards. You can also set two height positions. The clip is divided into two parts with "hooks" and so there are two points for reliable securing of the holster. It is designed for belts up to 40 mm wide and 10 mm thick.


High-quality minimalist Ulticlip made of sheet steel for a comfortable and quick attachment to sweatpants or trousers without a belt, with the so-called “tuckable style” option of wearing.

Inclination and configuration:

Each holster allows you to adjust the inclination so that each customer can experiment and find their own style of wearing the holster. You can rotate the Monoblock clip (move it to the second pre-drilled hole) and the holster will tilt the grip forward or backward. You can also move the clip higher in both holes and thus move the entire holster with the weapon lower into the pants.

Adjustable grip:

Sharky IWB holsters have an automatic adjustment of the grip with a screw, when you control the grip of the weapon yourself. Different types of body figures and wearing styles are no longer a problem and the holster always enables the grip that you adjust.

Integrated “Claw” and a special feature:

For a perfect fit of the pistol grip, there is an integrated claw, which pushes into the pants /belt from the inside and pushes the grip towards the body. The special feature, on the other hand, pushes on the thigh and thus pushes everything that is above the belt towards the body.


Back raised side of the holster, which separates your weapon from your body. Protects against sweat and slipping clothes into the holster when storing the weapon. We only supply Sharky holsters with a complete sweatguard, which is best for concealed wear.

Most popular models available so far:

We will stock other models and holsters for left-handers.

For shorter weapons of the Glock G43 type, the length of the holster is longer to maintain the functionality of the elements for better and more comfortable concealed carry.

Should you have any questions, or would like advice when choosing the holster, do not hesitate to contact us.