What is a tactical/service holster with a silencer?

  • worn outside the waistband
  • with a silencer
  • light option
  • open carry
  • well available weapon
  • adjustable grip
  • thicker kydex

Do you need a holster that fits perfectly to your weapon with a silencer for service, experience or training courses? We offer a completely new range of kydex holster for tactical and service use.

Tactical/service kydex holsters have the advantage of being away from the body and mostly on a lowered platform. The choice is up to you. So you can carry the pistol below the gear and still draw it well. The design of the kydex holster protects the weapon and at the same time allows the silencer to be fitted on the weapon.

Where and how it is worn:

These holsters are always worn mounted on the Safariland, Blackhawk or Blade-Tech platform. The weapon at them is very well accessible. It is usually worn on a lowered platform on the thigh with a securing strap around the thigh.

It is used by the Czech Armed Forces, special units, the Police of the Czech Republic and intervention units.

Types of platforms and mounting:

You can use the platforms of Safariland, Blackhawk and Blade-Tech producers. The holsters can be purchased either as sets or separately and the individual types of mounting can be assembled.

By design, the tactical holster is suitable for all the platforms we offer because each has all the necessary holes for their attachment. Below, we will describe the individual platforms we recommend and show their advantages:

Safariland QLS - Quick Locking System

This system consists of a QLS 22 receiver plate and a QLS 19 fork. We have it in several colors such as Kit, Set and separately. The fork is mounted on the holster as a fork and the receiver plate is mounted on the UBL or MLS platform. Therefore, you must have another platform for this system, because it is only an intermediary. It is used for very fast attachment and replacement of holsters while maintaining one main platform on the belt or molle. The QLS 19 receiver plate offers tilt adjustment options.

Safariland MLS16 - MOLLE Locking System

It is the key platform for attachment to MOLLE binding. The holster can be mounted directly on it, or the QLS 22 receiver plate can be used for a quick replacement and attachment. QLS 19 fork must then be mounted on the holster.

Safariland UBL Mid-Ride

Smaller lowered platform straight for the tactical holster or as a base for QLS 22 receiver plate. The loops are for a belt up to 50 mm wide.

Safariland UBL Low-Ride

Larger-lowered platform for mounting directly on the holster or for the QLS 22 receiver plate. We recommend a thigh strap for this platform to prevent the holster from swinging and when drawing from the holster from being pulled, which could make the weapon stuck.

Blackhawk Jacket Slot Duty Belt Loop

Shorter, sturdy and solid lowered platform with the possibility of adjusting the tilt of the holster when mounting to other holes. The platform does not have to be threaded through the belt, but it can be mounted and tightened on a very sturdy belt up to 55 mm wide with the help of screws.

Blackhawk Mid-Ride Duty Belt Loop

Bigger, longer and robust, quite popular lowered platform. You don't have to thread it, you can put it on your belt and tighten the screws together. It holds belts up to 55 mm wide. We recommend a thigh strap.

Blade-Tech Tek-Lok

A popular universal mount in our country, used mainly for IPSC - sports holsters. But it can be used just as well for a tactical holster. It's not as low as other platforms, but it's still away from the body. On Tek-Lok, you can set the width of the belt for which you use it, up to 55 mm.


All platforms and mounting types come with all the mounting screws in the package, and you will also receive mounting screws for a separate kydex holster without a platform.


There are not options regarding these holsters. It has a sweatguard only up to the length to which it is necessary for a functional installation of an bungee rubber safety against falling out of the weapon.

Adjustable grip:

Each tactical service kydex holster is equipped with an adjustable grip, you can set how much you want the weapon to hold in the holster. The pistol certainly does not fall out on its own, this is due to the self retention and tightening of the holster. It is necessary to use a safety for rough use and service use.


Rubber safety. This type of securing the weapon consists of tensioning the rubber with a nylon fingerboard over the slide back. It is much cheaper and is used in the army, for example. It simply secures the weapon against falling out.

And last, but not least, we have to recommend our sets of tactical holsters on platforms from Safariland, which we like the most and consider the most practical. And to bring your tactical holster set to perfection, buy QLS straight away for a quick replacement and attachment, or for the quick adjustment of the tilt of the kydex holster.

Most popular models available so far:

Should you have any questions, or would like advice when choosing the holster, do not hesitate to contact us.