How long does it take to deliver the holster?

For the standard range of holsters, we try to adhere to 2-5 week delivery time.

Which weapons do not require a personal visit?

The list of weapons we can manufacture without a personal visit is HERE

Do you need my light to make a holster?

The list of lights we have is available HERE. If you want a holster with a different light, you can either deliver it in person, or send it by post.

What is a sweatguard?

Sweatguard is an extension of the inner side of the holster along the inner side of the gun. The advantage is that the weapon does not touch the carrier's body directly and makes it easier to return the gun to the holster. Furthermore, if the clothing is partially pulled out during the drawing of the weapon, it will not enter the holster and the possibility of comfortably returning the weapon to the holster is still maintained.

Can you add ECR function to the holsters?

ECR – on request, a neodymium magnet can be added to the holster, which will automatically switch off (when inserting the gun) and switch on (when drawing out the gun) the Viridian light.

What fasteners do you use?

We use quality Kydex rivets, the loops are fastened with metal screws and rubber washers, which prevent the screws from loosening. Of course, nothing is 100%, and that is why it is necessary to check, from time to time, whether they have loosened. If you do not plan to swap the loops, it is ideal to tap the thread.

What is the necessary maintenance of the holster?

Kydex is a durable material, however, when worn, of course, dirt from clothing and the environment tends to settle in the holster. Simply rinse the holster with water or blow it out with a compressor. For heavier soiling, we recommend using technical alcohol, which is gentle on plastics. All you need to check regarding the holsters is the tightening of the screws.

Will kydex damage the surface treatment?

Of course, there is friction between the holster and the weapon, so the surface treatment is stressed, which means that some wear of the surface treatment will occur.

What colours do you have in stock?

You can find the swatch of available colors and prints HERE.

We also offer individual custom prints and laser graphics on our holsters.

When choosing a printed kydex, will the print "wear down"?

On the kydex, the camouflage pattern is printed, so by rubbing on clothes, etc., the print will get damaged, especially on the folds, edges of the holster, where there is the most friction on clothes. However, the background color is always chosen so that it does not contrast.

How much do you charge for postage and packing?

If the parcel is sent by mail order (through Zasilkovna), the cost is CZK 100 if the payment is sent to the account. When the parcel is sent by Czech Post, the cost is CZK 140 for smaller shipments if the payment is sent to the account. For larger shipments, the cost is CZK 160.
It is possible to send products abroad. Always request a preliminary quote for this option.

Are you a VAT payer?

Yes, we are.

Are all holsters vacuum pressed?

We vacuum press the majority of common holsters, but it is not realistic to have the necessary molds for all models and their configurations. If you are interested in whether your holster will be made by hand or vacuum, do not hesitate to ask us.

Should you have any questions, or would like advice when choosing the holster, do not hesitate to contact us.